R&S®HX002M1 Antenna

150 W HF Dipole for shipboard applications

Key Facts
Picture R&S®HX002M1 Antenna

1.5 MHz to 30 MHz

With integrated antenna tuning unit for all distance ranges – optimized for use on ships

The R&S®HX002M1 Antenna provides good coverage over all distances. It is optimized for omnidirectional coverage and ensures high transmission reliability over short and medium distances. The antenna can easily be integrated into existing systems since no separate control lines are required. All control signals and the power for the ATU are fed via the coaxial cable.
The R&S®HX002M1 Antenna can be directly connected to the R&S® XK2100 HF Transceiver.

The antenna with its small size and improved environmental data is particularly suitable for use on ships.

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